Franchise Brands

Support your franchisees with local advertising that keeps you in control

Empower your franchisees with custom advertising, backed by your brand, in an easy-to-use dashboard. 

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Hyperlocology advertising per location


Hyperlocology Mobile Dashboard

Set up franchisees for local advertising success

We take care of the hard advertising stuff so your franchisees can launch custom local advertising, in a few clicks.

Empower franchisees while you maintain control.

Hyperlocology + mParticle Integration

Create and manage brand advertising that's custom per location 

individual, dedicated location budgets

 custom local audiences

 custom local targeting and keywords

 localized creative or message

 individual landing page

 location-level reporting

Hyperlocology Local or Ad Fund Budgets

Location-level data. Location-level results.

Make informed decisions per location to drives sales and better understand how marketing and business results interact.

Every location and every market area is unique.

Hyperlocology Dashboard
Hyperlocology Local Advertising

View location-level results 

With Hyperlocology all your local advertising is centralized so you maintain control.

Access to roll-up reporting or granular, location-level data has never been easier, or more powerful! 

Grow with the support of a dedicated Success Manager and Strategy team as an extension of your own.


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