Deliver relevant messaging and authenticity in thousands of unique communities to drive sales success

Hyperlocology creates and executes retail digital marketing campaigns, with hundreds or thousands of unique budgets and targeting for each retail location, with a single source of reporting.


Individual budgets and targeting PER community

Relevant consumer messaging and authenticity per unique local community is key to driving sales success. 

Approach each community with the granular attention required at the local campaign level to achieve against marketing and sales objectives.

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“Audience targeting alone isn’t enough. We wanted our messaging to be curated and specific to each community…The ability to identify communities and address them each specifically no matter where they are online is the experience we want to create for our customers.”

Hannah Dixon, Head of Global e-Commerce


Collaborate with brick and mortar retail on local ads

Your retail locations can easily launch pre-configured local ads, in just a few clicks, so they can continue to focus on what they do best.

Plus, execute e-Commerce and Retail advertising on a single platform to drive online sales in communities without a local presence, and drive in store sales in communities with a local presence. 

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Deliver results per location

Deliver brand advertising in every community with a relevant message, and a an individual budget dedicated to each retail location.

Connect to your inventory management system to ensure local ads are relevant to retail locations, and resonate with the community.

Build trust with your retail locations by showing them how local digital advertising is reaching their communities, with a message specific to their unique business priorities. 

Reveal new local data to drive results community by community

For the first time, you'll reveal new and actionable local insights to drive brand marketing and inform business decisions.

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Grow with the support of a dedicated Success Manager and Analytics team as an extension of your own.



The most trusted multi-location marketing platform