Ad Buying

Execute digital advertising with a custom approach to every location

Transform brand advertising into AI powered, location-level campaigns.

Custom local budgets, targeting, creative, landing pages, optimizations, and reporting.

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Hyperlocology Ad Channels

Easily deploy per-location, hyperlocal strategies across the top digital channels

Hyperlocology channels

“Using Hyperlocology, you’re able to customize messages per community. We can also add our national budget funds and target where exactly we need to as a business. Getting hyperlocal allows us to do that, where before it wasn't always easy to shift national budgets so easily, which is awesome.”

Leah Coyle, Vice President of Branding

Hyperlocology AI Optimizations

AI optimized to increase efficiency and drive business outcomes

Leverage Hyperlocology's advanced AI to optimize location-level campaigns across more channels. 

Our engine learns from custom local data sets, third party data ingestion, and historical results across more channels to improve efficiency and predict outcomes.

Ad funds or local budgets, it's all hyperlocal now

Your franchisees want transparency and accountability for their ad fund contributions.

Your consumers expect a locally relevant brand message.

You need control.

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Deliver results per location

Eliminate ad waste by reaching only the local communities your brand serves.

Increase the efficiency of your media buys by more than 50% with granular, per-location campaign setup.

Build trust with your franchisees by showing how brand advertising is reaching their communities, with a budget and message specific to their location.

Reveal new local data to drive results community by community

New and actionable local insights to drive brand marketing and steer business decisions across your entire brand.

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Local Advertising on Hyperlocology

Help your franchisees dominate their markets

Easy to launch, pre-configured, cross-channel local marketing programs and campaigns.

Empower each franchisee to drive brand marketing that's best for their business and market area, while you maintain control.

Execute advertising with hundreds or thousands of individual location budgets, targeting, and reporting.