Local Advertising

Streamline local advertising for your franchisees

Empower every franchisee with sophisticated local advertising. With Hyperlocology you have the flexibility to "do it for them" or "do it together." 


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“Hyperlocology has modernized our digital marketing tech stack and we’re building trust with our Franchisees as a result. In fact, we’re now showcasing Hyperlocology in our franchise recruiting efforts.”

Justin Bartek, Director of Marketing

Easy-to-launch local advertising campaigns

Franchisees can easily launch cross-channel, data-driven, localized advertising in a few clicks to drive any of their business priorities.

All without ever picking up the phone!

Hiring? Increase happy hour sales? Promote local menu items?

It's never been easier for franchisees to unlock the power of sophisticated digital advertising in their very own community.


Empower your franchisees with custom local advertising packages 

Set franchisees up for success with local digital strategies that are brand directed, and locally perfected.

Offer franchisees:

  6 month or 12 month packages

  Multiple channels per package: search, social, youtube, OTT, DOOH

  Packages that capture the full customer journey: awareness, consideration, first purchase, return purchases, and new customers.

Win back your time! You'll eliminate the back and forth communication, approval process, campaign setup, report setup, and completely streamline franchisee local advertising.

Get more brand dollars in market! Franchisees can unlock sophisticated hyperlocal tactics and strategies without any marketing expert, and do it at a fraction of the cost of local agencies, and do it all without ever picking up the phone - that's a winning recipe!


Your brand team is in control, always

Streamline local advertising programs that your franchisees can invest in, confidently, in a few clicks.

  We set brand controls and parameters for all local programs

  You view everything in one place

Brand directed. Locally perfected. 

Empower franchisees to reach local customers on more channels.

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Track adoption and participation rates

Stay on top of popular campaigns and learn from what works.  

Monitor local ad spend across all channels, per location.




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