Local Data

Understand your local audiences like never before

Reveal new and actionable first party data and audience profiles, through local digital advertising, in every community your brand serves.

Local Hand

Every community is unique, your data should be too

Consumers expect locally relevant and impactful brand experiences. If you rely on national, regional, or DMA audience data - you're leaving many locations behind.

Hyperlocology reveals new local audiences and unique data sets for every location - so your brand message resonates, community to community.

Local Data Woman

“Understanding our customers and how they interact with our products within local communities is extremely important. Audience targeting alone is not enough. Our brand has been built through local relationships at the salon level and we wanted our messaging to be curated and specific to each community – otherwise it feels inauthentic and falls flat."

Hannah Dixon, Global Head of e-Commerce


Connect national and local marketing

Apply national budgets to specific "must-win" markets to build and refine local audiences and help supercharge your local owners' efforts.

For the first time, brand budgets and local budgets can unite to win local markets. 

Enhance business decisions with local data

With local brand audience insights for every community - you can apply new data sets to other areas of your business.

Understanding your local customer attributes opens new possibilities for expansion, recruitment, and development - not to mention improved marketing!


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