Local Data

Connect your brand data to local franchise advertising

You've built powerful customer data, now you can make it available locally to improve outcomes for your franchisees. 

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Connect your brand data to power per-location advertising across top channels

 Develop custom look-alike audiences for each franchise location to power ad fund advertising

 Launch advertising in specifically targeted locations to address local market objectives

  Make audiences available for local advertising that franchisees can launch in a few clicks via an intuitive dashboard

Hyperlocology Mobile Dashboard

Every community is unique, your data should be too

Consumers expect locally relevant and impactful brand experiences.

Don't rely on national audiences to inform local ad targeting.

Hyperlocology seamlessly applies your customer data and builds new local audiences and unique data sets for every location.

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“For years, mParticle has helped hundreds of brands optimize their audience targeting across platforms. With this new integration,  multi-location brands have the ability to seamlessly connect those audiences to Hyperlocology to unlock improved location-level targeting across the top digital advertising channels. This can be incredibly powerful for our mutual customers.”

Jake Dell'Aquila - VP Partnerships, AMER


Connect national and local marketing

For the first time, brand budgets and local budgets can unite to win local markets. 

Plus, control targeting across national and local efforts and ensure collaboration and brand continuity.


The most trusted multi-location marketing platform