A Hyperlocology Interview Experience

Locally Perfected

For growing franchise brands. Learn from the best and brightest leaders about growing their brands with a per-location approach to strategy, brand advertising, local marketing, and operations.  


Episode 1: Leveraging the Power of Local Marketing and Technology to Empower Rapid Scale

with Justin Bartek, Marketing Director JINYA Holdings


Justin has led marketing at some iconic franchise brands, including The Halal Guys and now with JINYA Holdings. Justin leads all marketing efforts for the three brands; JINYA Ramen Bar, Robata, and Bushi.  In this engaging interview Justin discusses his approach to growth, how he builds his marketing tech stack, and his vision for taking a hyperlocal marketing approach to each of his restaurants to understand audiences in a more granular way. 

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WATCH: Using data and building a leveraging technology

WATCH: Building custom local audiences to improve targeting



Episode 2: Benefits of Increasing Transparency and Accountability for Franchise Ad Fund Marketing with a Per-Location Approach

with Raj Bhatt, Co-Founder & President, Woops!


Raj Bhatt helped found Woops!, one of the fastest growing macaron gifting franchises with kiosks and bake shops around the country. In this insightful interview Raj shares some of his growth strategies coming out of covid, insights into his marketing and audience targeting, and how he's built trust and transparency with his franchisees through transparency.

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WATCH: Creating better transparency for franchisees



Episode 3: Taking a Hyperlocal Approach to Franchise Brand Marketing to Give Franchisees an Edge

with Devin Handler, VP, Brand Marketing, Naf Naf Middle Eastern Grill


Devin has been at the marketing helm of great brands like Qdoba where he helped grow the brand from a few restaurants to thousands, and Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh. At Naf Naf, Devin is leading marketing efforts to scale the brand with a focus on the "brilliant basics" and ensuring franchisees can take a hyperlocal approach to their marketing. Devin shares his secrets to a winning recipe for marketing and customer experience.

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WATCH: Brilliant basics



Episode 4: Maintaining Incredible Service While Growing a Restaurant Brand with New Technology

with Len Johnson, Co-Founder, Better Than Sex Restaurants


Len and his wife Dani started their dessert and cocktails focused restaurant in 2008 and have grown to multiple locations throughout the US. Len shares the story behind the growth, how he attracts successful franchisees as "lateral leaders," and more insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by new technologies in the restaurant space. 

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WATCH: Emotional connections with guests

WATCH: Adopting new technology without losing service

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