Kumon North America increases franchisee conversions by 85%




Feb 2021

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The Challenge

Kumon franchisees had limited digital advertising options and worked with several different vendors to help manage the four separate regions of the U.S. 

“Our local franchisees always wanted to know if national dollars were helping to reach their local communities,” says Leah Coyle, VP of Brand at Kumon North America. “A lot of our franchisees wanted to do their own local digital advertising, but there were copyright concerns, brand parameters, and the fear of competition with the national ads. We needed a better solution.”

The Solution

Kumon sought one partner they could work with to have national and local advertising work together and supplement each other.  “We needed a vendor that would know what we were doing on a national level, ensuring we weren’t driving up costs or competing with each other, but also that allowed us to have control in terms of messaging, targeting and reporting.” Kumon also needed a partner that could deliver transparent reporting for every location so results were visible on both sides. They also needed to have control of messaging and creative, while giving individual franchisees options that were relevant to their community and business model. 

The Results

“The results have been great for us,” says Coyle. “In the first half, participating locations had 85% more conversions than non-participating centers.”  Since working with Hyperlocology, Kumon centers have experienced an increase in website traffic to individual locations, booked appointments, and enrollment. 

“Using  Hyperlocology, you’re able to customize messages per location. We can also add our national budget funds and target where exactly we need to as a business. Getting hyperlocal allows us to do that, where before it wasn't always easy to shift national budgets so easily, which is awesome.”

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