Morgan Stanley solved the multi-location challenge of executing local digital marketing


“Hyperlocology has been a valued partner for our firm’s local marketing efforts. They have an innovative platform that allows our financial advisors to have the freedom to execute customized messaging and advertising tactics at the local level, while still allowing us to maintain our role as the strategic driver for the program overall. We’re confident in our brand safety due to overarching parameters set in place… The program, now in its third year, continues to grow and drive new business for our advisors.

Executive Director, Head of Media, Morgan Stanley

Previously, numerous Financial Advisors wanted to run separate digital ads, which were limited in reach and inventory due to smaller local budgets, vs. national. At the local level, advisors weren’t able to leverage the aggregate buying power of the Firm and could only buy small direct digital placements on their own that were impactful in reach. 

The brand needed a smarter buying system for advisor digital ads that could also be controlled at the corporate level. Ads needed to be brand safe and compliant with highly regulated financial industry policies, as well as run on brand-directed templates and on approved websites. 

They needed a way to leverage the greater aggregate buying power of the national brand, so individual FAs could benefit from being part of the larger organization. 

Hyperlocology partnered with Morgan Stanley to develop an innovative, first-of-its-kind solution to managing their multi-location digital media and compliance challenges.  

Hyperlocology gives the brand control at a mass scale without having to review thousands of individual advisors’ media plans. Templates, keywords for search, site list for programmatic, negative keywords can all be controlled at the brand level. Marketing retains oversight and the FAs have a voice in the process while remaining brand safe.  It’s become a turnkey program where advisors opt-in. 

“The technology didn’t exist. It’s a model that applies to so many industries. I can sleep at night because I know that our brand is safe.  No one else offers this service. It’s important to me as a corporate marketer. The rules and parameters of what the platform allows advisors to do are game-changing.” 

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