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Are your franchisees investing in local advertising as they should be?

Image of Alisha Vento
Alisha Vento

First, what does “should be” mean? Depending on how you support your franchisee’s local advertising, it can mean many different things. However, if you’re reading this article it’s likely that some version of “should be” is on your mind. 

Here are the most common challenges we hear from franchise brands looking to improve local franchisee advertising:

  1.  Is local advertising driving ROI per location?
  2. Is local advertising brand-safe and non-competitive with national advertising?
  3. Are franchisees spending the percentage of sales they committed to?

Getting your franchisees to adopt effective local advertising is a daunting challenge. For decades, brands have implemented different strategies to varying degrees of success (for more on this topic check out 5 Proven Strategies to Increase Adoption of Digital Advertising by Franchisees). 

Forward-thinking brands are taking control of their franchisees’ local advertising. They realize that franchisees buy into the brand concept for all of the processes, systems, and expertise they can tap into or replicate. This includes marketing, as franchisees are rarely marketing experts (ok, more like never).  

Eliminate the “should be” concerns for franchisee local advertising.

Take care of the hard advertising stuff for your franchisees. Hyperlocology makes it possible for brands to direct local advertising with individual budgets, targeting and reporting for each location across the most powerful channels - search, display, social, or video.

Franchisees should not be expected to know when, how, or where to spend their local adverting budget. The complexities of digital advertising are the primary reason most franchisees don’t invest in digital marketing, or they dip their toes with a test campaign and then never return.

However, franchisees do have unique business priorities they need to address, and they understand their local community better than anyone.

This leads to the next step - which is for brands to setup up the rules of the game for franchisees in the Hyperlocology platform. Easily provide reporting for franchisees to see how their budgets are driving ROI for their location(s), or empower franchisees to select the best message, offer, flight dates, or budgets all within the campaigns your brand controls for their location(s). Your franchisees can feel invested in their local marketing, tap into the sophistication and marketing expertise of your brand - and continue to focus on what they do best.

With a centralized multi-location marketing platform you can now stay in control of local advertising to drive ROI per location, ensure local ads are brand safe - with a locally relevant message - and remove any doubts that your franchisees are spending on local advertising like they “should be.”

If you're struggling with this challenge, you're certainly not alone. 



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