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Hyperlocal approach to ecommerce

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Debbie Williams

Is Hyperlocal marketing for e-commerce possible? Many brands have wondered how hyperlocal advertising and e-commerce can work together. Hyperlocal advertising traditionally leverages precise cellular location data to connect with consumers within the vicinity of a brick and mortar location to drive traffic in-store. E-commerce clearly targets consumers online only. 

Can a hyperlocal approach generate results for e-commerce? 

Yes. Hannah Dixon, Marketing Director for Davines North America, a leader in sustainable hair care and beauty products, shares their hyperlocal marketing approach to e-commerce

  • Hyperlocal is as much about locally-relevant as it is location-specific. When viewed through this way, hyperlocal marketing can deliver significant results against marketing and sales objectives both in-store and online.
  • Consider how certain terms mean different things to every unique community, and to distinct people within those local areas. 
  • Buying habits, local competition, and area demographics will all vary by location and impact how consumers interact with a brand and ultimately influence their purchase decisions.

Having clear social impact priorities beyond just revenue, Davines, as a company, thinks differently about their goals.  

“Understanding our customers and how they interact with our products within local communities is extremely important to us. Audience targeting alone is not enough. Our brand has been built through local relationships at the salon level and we wanted our messaging to be curated and specific to each community – otherwise it feels inauthentic and falls flat. This belief has been an integral part of our success. The ability to identify communities and address them each specifically no matter where they are online with content curated to their geography is the experience we want to create for our customers,” says Dixon.

Increasing e-commerce revenue and delivering an authentic customer experience requires a new hyperlocal approach.  

A hyperlocal approach for ecommerce is not possible through traditional automated display media buying terminals. Execution must be handled differently.  Identifying and reaching relevant audiences, within specific geolocations, with the right messaging and creative for that local audience, ultimately drives faster results with greater impact. 

To accomplish this Davines partnered with Hyperlocology to execute hyperlocal marketing to automate and power individual community campaigns at scale.

Davines selected authentic, diverse, and brand-aligned local influencers and created assets specific to each influencer. These were assigned to the relevant geolocations and used across multiple marketing channels. Utilizing Hyperlocology’s Distributed Automated Marketing Platform, Davines was able to effortlessly build, execute, and analyze hundreds of customized local marketing campaigns in one interface.

This campaign hit the marketing sweet spot of delivering measurable and immediate sales return and increasing brand awareness. Davines was able to achieve a 3x direct sales return on investment for this campaign, over 130% vs. the target goal. They also increased brand awareness off a small investment by reaching over 11M people with both the influencer campaign and the digital advertising.

Dixon adds, “We are extremely proud of the results from our first digital campaign in partnership with Hyperlocology. It was a big step for our brand to test advertising online for the first time and partner with influencers in a paid manner. It also provided great insights into the geography of our consumers across North America and showed us how authentic, diverse and brand-aligned content can deliver real engagement with the brand. Since the initial campaign, we’ve continued to leverage the learnings and partner with Hyperlocology and are trending significantly above our plan for e-commerce.” 

Hyperlocal and e-commerce are a powerful combination; breaking the mold of how marketers typically believe hyperlocal marketing is best utilized.  To do hyperlocal right requires the ability to easily view unique communities as individual campaigns, across all channels, to drive the required results.  This community up approach allows Davines to outperform their e-commerce objectives and improve how they connect authentically with loyal customers, while staying true to their mission of beauty and sustainability.

Learn more about Hyperlocology can help your brand hyperlocal marketing success. 

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