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Digital Marketing Tools and Local Data Are Transforming Recruiting

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Patrick Pleiss

When it comes to attracting promising new talent to your company, over 80% of HR experts say that employer branding plays an important role in enticing prospective employees. Now more than ever, the perception and actions of hiring companies play a crucial part in the candidate recruitment process.

The statistics don’t lie —it’s three times more likely for companies using employer branding and marketing to make a quality hire. However, what effectively attracts high-quality job applicants in one location will not always be effective in another. Regional differences in values and other factors can impact not only how many candidates apply for the job, but also the type of candidates interested in applying.

As of May 2021, companies are struggling to fill more than 9.2 million job openings in the U.S.  That same month, “labor shortage” was searched more than any other month in Google history.  This has made it more critical than ever to look beyond what has been done before when it comes to finding and hiring the best candidates for open positions. 

Leveraging Digital Channels for Recruiting

HR teams are leveraging a range of techniques for recruiting campaigns at local and national levels.  Many recruiters —as many as 84%— report using social media to search for qualified employees. Social media can be a valuable tool for contacting candidates and making conversation, but using social channels isn’t enough to connect with the right talent for every open role. Successful recruitment also requires additional data and access to a variety of platforms to get the attention of candidates in all of the places where they are online. 

HR teams are now taking the same approach to recruiting valuable candidates as marketers use to attract target customers.  Recruiting teams at brands are utilizing digital advertising strategies and technologies, from programmatic and display to retargeting, to find candidates in all of the places they seek information across the web.  

Brands should be harnessing the power of marketing technologies available today to attract and engage talent anyway, but especially during this time of mass staffing shortages in our industry,” says Bryan Blair, Head of People + Culture at Curry Up Now and Mortar & Pestle Brands. 

Use Your Best Employee Profile Data

Recruitment today must be approached beyond the confines of traditional job posting environments. While job boards are common and can be effective, in the current hiring landscape, HR teams now need to look beyond those channels to more common places where people are searching for information and engaging online. 

HR teams can use the best employee profile data to zero in on the ideal candidates to fulfill specific roles in any location or office. Just as it's done in digital advertising, creating look-a-like audiences, based on certain data sets, helps you to reach and engage with the best candidates.  Targeting parameters across all advertising channels can be set up to target them directly. 

Understanding candidate attributes allows you to launch custom and effective recruiting campaigns for every role you’re trying to fill, from the corporate office to service roles, for any number of brand locations or types of positions

From restaurants and franchise brands to big corporations, many organizations are already using marketing strategies and technologies for recruitment. The ability to target job openings to specific people and places has sped up the hiring process and created new opportunities for job-seekers and HR professionals

Learn more about how Hyperlocology can help you with recruiting campaigns for any number of locations and open positions. 


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