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Franchise Digital Marketing - Top 10 Strategies to Execute Per Location

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Franchise Digital Marketing - Top 10 Strategies



As a franchise brand, you likely take a per-location approach to help operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and drive sales.

After all, every franchise location is unique in some way. 

But what about taking a per-location approach to brand marketing

Managing franchise marketing per location, at scale, can be easier than you think... with the right technology.

And it opens a world of possibilities!

When taking a per-location approach to franchise digital marketing, we’ve highlighted 10 tactics and strategies to empower your franchisees.




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1. Retarget visitors of specific pages or online actions, per location

2. Separate keywords between national and local, per location

3. Retarget across channels, per location

4. Create custom local audiences, per location

5. Deploy 1p data, per location

6. Full-funnel customer journey marketing, per location

7. Localized creative, per location

8. Customized targeting, per location

9. Take on local competitors, per location

10. Exclusion targeting, per location


1. Retarget visitors of specific pages or online actions, per location

Site re-targeting allows your brand to show relevant ads online to site visitors, putting your brand in front of consumers who have shown interest in your services. Especially those that do not convert to a customer. Typically this has meant a more general approach to re-targeting visitors to “the home page” or “the website.”

Re-targeting can be set up for specific pages or specific visitor actions, per location, to address the needs of every franchisee in a unique way

Want to cross-sell a product? Look to retarget visitors of specific product checkout confirmation pages.
Want to avoid sending prospects irrelevant messages? Retarget users with ads relevant to content viewed on site.

Want to exclude low value prospects? Retarget only users who have made it past the home page, or other site pages.
Want to move prospects down the funnel? Consider retargeting with different ads based on visiting home page vs. downloading a white paper.


2. Keyword separation between national and local, per location

Retargeting Tips

Many brands don’t permit their franchisees to participate in search at the local level for fear of competing with national search efforts.

This is a real concern. Bidding up keywords unnecessarily is a huge challenge, without the right technology.

It’s now possible to have both play nicely together. Consider separating non-branded keywords from branded, or “near me” searches to be used at the local level where consumers can actually make a purchase in store.

Regardless of how you separate local and national keywords and strategies, there should be a consideration of local budgets, as well as national and local goals.


3. Retarget across channels, per location

With smaller local budgets, many brand teams have thought it not possible to retarget consumers from search into display or social. But with local consumers spending time across various channels and devices, your franchisee marketing programs need continuity across multiple channels. It’s now possible, per location.

What prevented brands from retargeting across channels, per location, that now can be solved with multi-location advertising technology?

  • Setup was too cumbersome

  • Concern with audience sharing between close-proximity locations

  • The need to configure audiences per location

  • The need for individual location pages




4. Create custom local audiences, per location

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 1.12.33 PM

Your brand’s audience attributes will look different in every community. You don’t have to rely on a broad approach to audience development and targeting when it comes to brand advertising.

Surface new local audience insights, show franchisees how they’re different per location, and leverage these new data sets to improve local marketing.




5. Deploy 1P data, per location

 1. Create look-a-like audiences, per location

  • Leverage what you already know about your best customers, now do it per location

  • Build local audiences based on local customer profiles, not a broad national customer profile

2. Control frequency across national and local marketing, per location

  • CDPs like mParticle connect seamlessly with Hyperlocology to allow 1p data to improve local marketing efforts

  • Allow national and local advertising to co-exist and ensure consumers are not over exposed to your brand and local ads

3. Enhance your data strategy with new local data, per location

  • With Hyperlocology you can create new and actionable local audience insights from local ad engagement and specific site visitors

  • Push local audience data to ad buying platforms or to your CDP for enhanced targeting across channels

6. Full-funnel customer journey marketing, per location

No longer only for “big-budget” brands, every franchisee can benefit from full-funnel marketing programs with their local budget.

Think holistically about local store marketing, from grand openings to loyalty, without franchisees having to become a marketing expert or needing to call an agency.

A holistic per-location marketing approach, centrally managed by your brand, is now a reality.

1. Make local consumers aware of a product or service - awareness.

2. Enter the local consumer’s consideration set for a product or service - consideration.

3. Drive the first purchase - purchase.

4. Keep customers coming back - repeat customer.

5. Create loyal customers - loyalty.

Tip: Look to streamline full-funnel marketing programs that franchisees can invest in, confidently, or pay for through their ad fund contributions.

Consumer Consideration Funnel

7. Localized creative, per location

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 1.27.57 PMTo localize your brand marketing for each individual location’s market area, you need to go further than a dynamic creative with a local image or copy, although that’s one element.

Check out the key elements of custom, localized creative per location that you can do today.

8. Customized targeting, per location

Take a custom approach to every franchise location within a DMA or Region, and it starts with dedicated budgets per location.

Whether you have 10 locations or 10,000, every location’s market area is unique. Check out the ways to ensure every location has a custom approach to marketing within their own communities.

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 1.30.22 PM

9. Take on local competitors, per location

 For national or regional franchise brand advertising, as well as local franchisee marketing, you no longer have to sit back as new competition enters specific local markets.

Take action on a per-location level to address local competition with conquesting tactics previously reserved for big-budget brands.

 TIP 1  Empower local franchisees to select a preferred creative, or pay for a brand-directed campaign, that addresses their local competition.

Campaign Selections - Hyperlocology

 TIP 2  You likely have to pay more for conquesting ads in search. Look at prices per location to determine a local strategy.

Having a multi-location marketing platform will provide this granular approach.


TIP 3 Empower your franchisees to launch brand- directed, local marketing on multiple channels.

  • Digital-out-of-home provides well- positioned local marketing near your local competitor’s location.
  • Waze lets your franchisees show up on maps near competition and direct consumers to your franchisee’s location.

Hyperlocology is your access point to multiple channels for brand-directed and locally perfected franchise marketing.


10. Exclusion targeting, per location

Avoid advertising to and targeting customers that have already engaged with your content or have recently made a purchase.

Set specific time parameters to ensure a positive customer experience while reengaging at a relevant interval to drive loyalty. Whether that period of time is 2 days or 2 months, we work with you to prevent waste and provide positive customer interactions. 

Channel specific examples:


GoogleAnti-target keywords and exclude audiences like in display. For instance, people with certain life events are not good for seeing an ad, like anyone with a child that just graduated from college. This can look different per location.



SocialExclude followers, or friends of followers - for prospecting on social. Different per location. One location may have few followers.




Looking to take a per-location approach to your franchise digital marketing??

If you'd like to learn more about the Hyperlocology platform and how you can transform brand advertising into individual, local campaigns check out the video below, or get in touch!

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