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How to ensure paid media complements and enhances your SEO

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Spencer Moody

Franchise Marketers ask us, "How do we make sure our already successful SEO efforts are taken into account when running paid advertising?" Folks want to be sure that where SEO is successful, paid efforts are not wasted, and where SEO is lacking, paid media can pick up the slack. That's our goal too and here's how we approach it. 


Use paid media to fill gaps in already successful SEO efforts

Hyperlocology focuses PPC efforts per location to account for and promote SEO target keywords that don't currently rank highly as well as keywords that are very difficult to improve in rank (think more general terms). Continually monitoring SEO rank as well as PPC performance and cost, provides a complementary balance of paid and unpaid relevancy.  

This approach prevents PPC from cannibalizing SEO efforts and maximizes traffic where SEO needs more time or is deficient. In our experience, PPC is typically best applied to broad categorical keywords (Chicken Sandwich, Lunch near me), conquesting/competitor keywords, and highly specific long tail keywords (i.e. "hot chicken slider lunch") when making considerations for mature SEO practices.

  • We align this strategy per location and report on keyword performance per location in your Hyperlocology dashboard.
  • Awareness channels like social, display, or video can be implemented in specifically targeted territories with overall low search volume to generate search demand 
  • All campaigns in Hyperlocology can be funded with national budgets, local budgets or both. Now, franchisees with location pages that experience low SEO ranking can easily fund and launch PPC campaigns to supplement search efforts with their local budgets

Inform SEO with PPC efforts

Hyperlocology’s approach surfaces new keywords per location that can be applied to content and/or serve as new SEO targets by leveraging search term reporting for phrase and broad match keywords to identify common search patterns. Per location search term reports also allow us to reveal local nuance that can be applied uniquely to individual location pages. 

SEO and PPC efforts go hand in hand and share reciprocal value. In order to truly optimize your brand's marketing approach both must be examined together and addressed on a per-location basis.


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