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National Brands Can Now Launch Local Retail Digital Advertising at Scale

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Debbie Williams

The digital landscape continues to change the way we do business. More and more, customers are seeking information online before going to brick-and-mortar locations for their final purchase. 

Retailers have to bridge the gap between consumer digital commerce and brick & mortar experiences by enhancing online-to-store conversion funnels. Hyperlocology has partnered up with Brickwork powered by DevHub to solve this challenge.

The Online to Offline Retail Challenge 

While the retail industry still relies heavily on physical locations, about 86% of consumers will start their path to purchase online. For big chains, this means that having a reliable, locally relevant, and engaging online presence is critical - from your brand advertising to the individual location landing pages.

With Hyperlocology, every brand location is approached and analyzed uniquely with digital advertising: individual budgets, targeting, and analytics. For the first time retail brands can execute e-commerce and brick & mortar retail advertising on a single platform, driving increased sales online or in-store in communities where a retail store exists.

To win local consumers, the same dynamic local approach is needed for brand websites and landing pages. However, too often the web presence of individual stores is limited to an address on a "Store Locator" page or a handful of store-specific Yelp reviews. Retailers need greater interaction between physical stores and their digital presence. 

The Brickwork Solution

Brickwork optimizes the digital presence of retail stores and enables retailers and brands to drive qualified online traffic to unique in-store experiences via geo-location features, online appointment booking, event RSVP, and local content and marketing. In turn, Brickwork is building the most comprehensive data map of online-to-offline customer journeys.

Brickwork offers:

  • Store Pages and Locator: Branded, immersive store pages, optimized for natural search help you win more traffic. Easily add over 40 different data points and manage the digital presence of your store more effectively.
  • Services and appointments: With an appointment management solution built for retail, deliver your most valuable multichannel customers seamlessly into local stores. Provide your associates with customer information and browsing history so they can make better recommendations and grow their sales.
  • Events: Publish and manage web and mobile marketing for offline events include rsvp functionality, ability to share on social, address, location, and pictures. 
  • Widgets: Engage customers on e-commerce pages and allow them to interact with your digital storefront. Include appointment prompts, RSVPs, and associate recommendations.
  • Associates: Let your customers get to know your associates online first, create a premium online experience.

As a powerful team, Hyperlocology and Brickwork Powered by DevHub can accelerate your online to in-person local traffic and conversions like never before. 



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