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Hyperlocology and Vistar partner to bring digital-out-of-home to franchise brands

Marketing Team
Vistar Announcement

We're excited to announce a strategic partnership with the leading digital-out-of-home programmatic platform, Vistar Media! For franchise brands, executing per-location advertising across digital screens in the real world - like at gas stations, in elevators, and more - just got a whole lot easier.  

Hyperlocology is relied on by leading brands as their single access point to the top advertising channels to execute and analyze per-location, custom advertising strategies for their hundreds and thousands of locations. 

The integration with Vistar Media helps our brand partners by providing a solution that can drive awareness and introduce potential new customers into the consideration funnel. Our brand clients can now easily access and execute DOOH campaigns through one centralized programmatic platform.

For example, JINYA Ramen Bar, a brand that is experiencing rapid growth, needed to make a splash for their grand openings. By activating DOOH through our integration with Vistar Media JINYA was able to light up the area with messaging to prepare people for the new JINYA location. Not only does it work well for individual locations, but by leveraging Hyperlocology JINYA is able to easily create one template for launching Grand Opening campaigns that will be localized for all future locations. This is a perfect application of DOOH - creating mass awareness but within very specific locations and building excitement and ultimately driving foot traffic to the restaurant.

Another great application of digital-out-of-home is for competitive conquesting when going into new markets. Our brands like to surround competitor locations to drive those consumers to the new brand locations.

To learn more about accessing Vistar Media through Hyperlocology to execute and analyze your ad fund marketing or local store marketing programs, reach out to


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