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10 Reasons To Leverage a Multi-location Marketing Platform

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Michael Morris

Technology has evolved at a mind-blowing speed in recent years and will only continue to evolve. Staying on top of all of the technologies that can radically improve your business can feel like a full-time job in itself.  

If you're a multi-location or franchise marketer, managing local marketing for every location is likely one of the greatest challenges you face day-to-day.  And, local marketing has never been more important as 46% of all Google searches are now local.  Multi-location brands must ensure that their content is discoverable in any channel — from search engines to social networks. 

People want and expect the most relevant up-to-date information about businesses in their local community, but managing digital advertising, across multiple platforms, for hundreds or thousands of locations, can be daunting without the right technology in place to support it. 

How can a multi-location marketing platform help your brand (and sanity)?

  1. Create a Symbiotic Relationship Between National and Local Tactics via a Single Platform (No Competition or Cannibalization)
  2. Leverage the Brand’s National Buying Power for ALL Local Locations
  3. Help Ensure All Franchisees Are Benefitting Equally or Achieving ROI Commensurate with Their Contribution to National Ad Funds or Budgets
  4. Provide Flexibility with Budgets, Creative and Targeting per Location
  5. Increase Local Adoption Rates of Effective Digital Marketing Programs
  6. Reduce Execution Resources/Costs and Boost Results at the Local Level
  7. Gain NEW Local Data Insights to Power National and Local Marketing Efforts & Audience Targeting Pools
  8. Keep Strategy Brand Directed and Maintain Brand Safety and Compliance, While Still Allowing Owners to Incorporate Local Insights/Expertise Into Their Messaging Selections
  9. Gain National and Local Insights You Can Leverage Across Your Entire Organization
  10. Use KPI Reporting/Results to Build Trust and Provide Transparency with Locations/Owners

If you want to dig in more on the topic, read our guide to Transforming Multi-Location Digital Advertising From Siloed to Centralized - just click the button to open!

Transform multi location digital advertising

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