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Hiring is slow, how can our marketing team help with recruitment marketing per location?

Image of Kristian Kotsbak
Kristian Kotsbak

This year, recruiting has been a challenge across many industries, particularly for restaurants. Typically hiring is left to HR teams to handle - but now, marketing teams have a tremendous opportunity to leverage the strategies and technologies they use to make the recruiting process more efficient. 

The competition is fierce, especially in the QSR space, as there are often hundreds of open roles in a single geographic area. This opposite supply and demand trend has made it critical for HR teams to look beyond what’s been done before when it comes to hiring in such a saturated job opportunity market. 

Approach Recruitment Marketing like Customer Acquisition 

Traditional hiring tactics are no longer as effective as they used to be. QSR brands need to approach recruitment marketing the same way they acquire customers, through local digital marketing channels with custom messages and targeting for every brand location. 

Marketing teams can help their HR colleagues find the right candidates in all of the places they are online, beyond job posting sites, to fulfill exact roles in every location. Leveraging the digital advertising strategies and technologies typically used for customer acquisition, marketing teams can launch recruiting campaigns targeting candidates for specific roles in exact brand locations. 

For example, if your Austin location is hiring cooks, a recruiting ad can be launched with the keywords and audience attributes needed to target the right local candidates. These ads can be run across all of the most powerful digital platforms, from display and search advertising to social media and video.

Creating look-a-like audiences of your best employees also enables you to target ideal local candidates with similar attributes to find high-performing staff for any role. 

A multi-location marketing platform can transform a once cumbersome process into a more centralized and efficient endeavor.  If your brand has hundreds of locations, the right marketing technology can help you run hiring ads with customized budgets, targeting, and reporting for every location. Fulfilling hundreds of roles, based on each location’s needs, can be a simple and effective process when managed in one central place.

This automated process enables restaurants to hire faster and more efficiently before top local talent is scooped up by the competition. This process also makes it easier for candidates to interact with your organization, creating a positive first brand experience. 

“I think it is paramount as a restaurant brand in today’s world, to be able to capture the attention of your end-user/audience AND potential candidates who may wish to join your workplace community,” says Bryan Blair, head of people and culture at Curry Up Now and Mortar and Pestle Brands.

“If you’re not accessing any and all marketing strategies available to you today to put both your business and your company culture on full display, then you are likely going to be left behind in this highly competitive market we are experiencing right now,” says Blair.

Many QSR and franchise brands are in a hiring crisis. If your organization is in need of a more effective way to recruit and hire candidates, let us show you how our team can help you get started quickly with proven results. 


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