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I Need all Franchisees to Advertise Locally, Where Do I Start?

Katherine Mooney

Your Franchisees are supposed to spend a percentage of sales on their own local marketing. As a brand, you depend on franchisees investing their local budgets in advertising to support their local business.

 It’s more money in-market, reaching customers, and driving brand sales. Getting franchisees to do it, and do it effectively and safely, is where the challenge begins. 

If you have a local ad fund and are using multi-location marketing technology to control each franchisee's advertising with individual location budgets, targeting, creative, and reporting then kudos to you!  You’ve all but guaranteed your franchisees are investing as they should be.

For brand marketers looking to increase adoption of local budget advertising by their franchisees, where do you start?

Here are a few approaches that are most common. (Spoiler alert: #3 is the winner)

1. Vet and approve multiple local agencies for franchisees to call and get support.


  • Brand-safe and localized creative and messaging.
  • Marketing expertise to set up and optimize campaigns. 1:1 support so franchisees have someone to speak to and get advice.
  • Transparency for Franchisees.


  • Fragmented local brand data.
  • Low franchisee adoption.
  • Risk of competing with national ads in-market.
  • Limited transparency for the brand team.
  • High costs for franchisees.
2. Collect an Ad Fund, target a DMA



  • Increased efficiency of media buys.
Brand-safe creative and messaging.
  • Marketing expertise to set up and optimize campaigns. Increased channel access. 


  • Many locations are left behind because budgets are not dedicated to a location.
  • No local data, only DMA data.
  • No localized creative per location.
  • Fragmented data. Limited transparency for franchisees.

Learn how to create an ad fund that benefits all franchisees.

3. Centrally control and manage all local advertising


  • Individual location budgets, targeting, creative and reporting. Take care of the hard stuff for franchisees, so they can focus on their business.
  • Brand-safe and custom-localized creative and messaging.
  • Marketing expertise and technology to set up and optimize campaigns.
  • Increased channel access.
  • Full transparency for franchisees and brand team.
  • New local data per community.
  • All local brand data in one place.
  • Increased trust with franchisees.
  • Lower costs for franchisees. 


  • You won’t hear from your franchisees on the daily:)

Thinking of taking control of your franchisees’ local advertising to create transparency, ROI per location, and ensure every location is investing their local marketing budgets as they should be?

Learn how Hyperlocolgy helps our customers localize digital advertising with custom messages and results per location.  Read our customer stories



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