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Unlocking the Full Potential of Hyperlocal Targeting

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If you're here, you likely agree that DMA targeted advertising for your multi-location brand is outdated, and hurts overall business results. But you may question how location-specific budgeting can be more efficient and effective. Below we answer the What, How and Why.

*Need to catch up? Read our complete Case for Location Based Budgets (4 minutes).

What is Hyperlocal Targeting?

Hyperlocal targeting and geotargeting involve the use of technologies (GPS, IP address mapping, Wi-Fi, cellular data) to pinpoint the geographical location of a digital device and deliver specific marketing messages, often an advertisement for a local point-of-interest like a retail store, restaurant or bar, entertainment venue, or service business.

Methods of Targeting

  1. Audience Customization Based on Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): Creating a custom target audience at the local level ensures you're only reaching the local individuals and households intended, nothing more.
    1. Demographics
      The size of the population that meets the demographic criteria of your ICP will vary by location, but by leveraging location-level data you can set local budgets to ensure you're only reaching the individuals and households that fit the criteria. This minimizes waste vs. market-wide campaigns that often reach consumers outside your ICP, or reaches your ICP but in geographies that are too far away to make a purchase.
    2. Local Behaviors and Interests
      • With Your Brand: You can target existing customers with incentives to buy a product they've never tried, or visit you on a different time of day, or day of week, than their normal behavior.
      • Beyond Your Brand: Knowing the lifestyles and interests of your ideal customers allows you to target similar consumers who have never shopped with you before.
  1. Media Channel Selection: The mix of resources that need to be dedicated to awareness, consideration, or purchase (ie. the top-middle-bottom of the marketing funnel) likely varies by location. Media channels play specific roles in each stage of the funnel, so it's important that channel selection be set and routinely updated on a location-by-location basis, not determined at a market-wide level.
  2. Message Selection and Creative Relevance: Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time in support of a local business is only possible via local targeting. Hyperlocology's platform enables brands to control the breadth and depth of creative options available to each location, and we ensure location-specific details are included in each creative execution.
  3. Budget Optimization: Only spend what is needed to reach your ICP in your trade area at a specific time, and re-allocate remaining budget into another month or quarter, or even allocate to other locations.

Benefits to Your Customers

  1. Relevant Content: Customers and prospects receive ad messages that are most appealing to them, maximizing the perceived benefit of the message and appeal of your brand.
  2. Convenience: Relevant ads that are easy and instinctive to act on minimize friction of transacting with your brand.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: By receiving messages and offers tailored to their locale, customers feel uniquely valued and understood by brands, leading to increased loyalty, satisfaction, and likelihood to recommend to a friend (ie. Net Promoter Score).

Benefits to Your Brand

  1. Increased Engagement and Conversion: History proves time and again that delivering the benefits above to your customer will increase their conversion from 'consideration' to 'purchase'.
  2. Investment Efficiency: When optimizing your budget by location, by channel, and by funnel stage, waste is minimized and more dollars become available to be invested in tactics that are proven to work for that location.
  3. Competitive Advantage: Delivering experiences that are more meaningful than direct competitors yields superior brand preference and consideration.
  4. Deep and Accurate Anaytics and Insights: Moving from market-wide campaigns and reporting to routinely optimizing your campaigns at the individual location level yields actionable data with minimized noise.

We Can Help!

Hyperlocology offers a seamless platform for multi-location brand leaders to deploy the above local targeting methods that yield these customer and brand benefits. It enables you, the subject matter expert, to collaborate with your local stakeholders to deliver them optimal results and ROI.

Ready to see the location based marketing experience on Hyperlocology?

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