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Hyperlocology partners with Yelp to enhance per-location advertising for multi-location brands

Marketing Team

We’re excited to announce our official advertising partnership with Yelp. As the leading multi-location advertising platform, the partnership further enhances our offering to our franchise and retail brand marketers. Hyperlocology is relied on by leading brands as their single access point to the top advertising channels to execute and analyze per-location, custom advertising strategies for their hundreds and thousands of locations. 

Yelp presents a major opportunity for Hyperlocology brand partners to be discovered and drive sales, as 85% of consumers come to Yelp undecided about which business to choose and 95% make a purchase after visiting Yelp. Multi-location brands can immediately leverage the Hyperlocology platform to include Yelp in their advertising programs - paid for with ad funds or offered as custom campaigns to franchisees via Hyperlocology’s distributed marketing platform. 

Brands can analyze Yelp results per location in a single dashboard with all other channels and per-location business insights from their first party data systems - making measuring advertising results with real business outcomes a possibility at scale.

In addition to executing per location Yelp advertising at scale, accessing Yelp through Hyperlocology as an official advertising partner offers huge benefits for our partners:

Professional campaign management:

Strategic, ROI driving Yelp campaigns to meet the objectives of individual location businesses.

Exclusive discounts & promotions:

Bundled pricing and free upgrades only available through a Yelp Advertising Partnership.

Special access to products & features:

Campaign-optimizing tools like video hosting, UTM tracking, API integration, and more to connect with Yelp users.

Support from trained experts:

A dedicated Yelp team that regularly certifies Hyperlocology’s expertise.

Advanced tracking & reporting:

A dashboard only available through unified effort to unlock data-driven, tailored analyses that measure the metrics that matter most to you, per location.

To learn more about accessing Yelp through Hyperlocology to execute and analyze your ad fund marketing or local store marketing programs, reach out to


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