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Nominated For Best Use of Technology – The Drum Marketing Awards 2020

Image of Patrick Pleiss
Patrick Pleiss

We’re thrilled to be nominated as a finalist for this amazing award. As the story goes, individual Financial Advisors wanted to advertise digitally, but they were doing it in a way that was not very effective. Low reach and lack of corporate support was turning advisors off – only 6% of advisor ads that ran in the year before our program launched were digital. Advisors were purchasing media themselves directly with local publishers, getting minimal visibility. Any time that Morgan Stanley sought to put a solution in place, it was either very expensive for corporate, or required minimum spend levels for each individual advisor that were unrealistic.

Morgan Stanley worked hand in hand with Hyperlocology to tailor a local technology platform to fit their needs and the needs of their local Financial Advisors – individual budgets, individual optimizations, local input from advisors for messaging to meet their business priorities, and complete visibility for HQ.

Read all about it in The Drum.

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